Wildfires, Runoff and Watersheds, Oh My!

Although wildland fires are a natural part of the ecosystem in Southern California, the number of major wildfires impacting our region is steadily increasing which can negatively affect our regional watersheds. In Riverside County there are three major watersheds: Santa Margarita River, Santa Ana River and Whitewater River watersheds. In the aftermath of a wildfire flooding and erosion can have immediate and long-term impacts to our important watersheds. We wanted to share with you some facts and figures on how…Read more →

Don’t Be Trashy When The Heat Is On

As the temperatures start to tick up with the onset of summer, people will be heading outside in greater numbers to enjoy all the beautiful spots the Inland region has to offer. Guess what that means? It means there will likely be an increase of litter as folks visit parks, rivers, lakes or the local mountains. Some people leave behind trash on purpose (Boo!) while others drop things without realizing it and hopefully most people dispose of trash in a…Read more →

Lend Your Elbow Grease to Dad This Father’s Day

Father’s Day activities tend to include fun things such as barbecues, cookouts, camping and fishing..  It’s also the time of year when dear ol’ Dad starts tackling his to-do list and kicks off projects around the home. Perhaps it’s time to repaint the bathroom or replace carpet with hardwood floors or build a backyard deck. Maybe even plant a garden. All of these activities have the likelihood of producing household hazardous waste, which if not disposed of properly can be…Read more →

Every Drop Counts, and Not Just in the Month of May

May is Water Awareness Month making this the perfect time to start thinking about the best ways to conserve water! Below average rainfall combined with overconsumption of water has hit California with multiple waves of drought over the past decade. These events have caused widespread repercussions impacting our agriculture, tourism, housing, and energy sectors. The last major drought brought an estimated $10 billion in damages from agriculture losses and raging wildfires. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of food,…Read more →

Celebrate the One Who’s Always Been There for Us All, Mother Earth

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than combining your appreciation for your Mom with your gratitude for Mother Earth! Increasing litter, industrial contamination, and car exhaust continues to put a strain on earth’s ecosystem.  Being the biggest contributors to man-made climate change, losses in agriculture, shrinking icecaps, environmental migration, and rising sea-levels are a fraction of the downstream effects of human pollution. Changing your habits to be mindful of Mother Earth can feel…Read more →

Don’t Litter. It’s Your Duty to Your Community

Aren’t you tired of seeing trash on roadways, waterways or around your neighborhood? Throwing trash on the ground or disposing of hazardous waste improperly not only detracts from the beauty of your community, it also damages the environment. The negative effects of downstream littering and inappropriate waste disposal are monumental: Most of the litter found today comes from food packaging.Littering of non-biodegradable plastics can be dangerous to domestic animals and wildlife.Significant amounts of litter in your neighborhood decreases property values…Read more →

Help Restore Our Planet this Earth Day

On April 22, 2021 the world will be celebrating the 51st Earth Day, a day we take to thank our planet and support the preservation of biodiversity worldwide. Earth Day’s 2021 theme, “Restore Our Earth,” examines natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems. It’s important to realize that our planet needs help from every person and every action you do for the Earth helps build a better future for generations to come. There’s a…Read more →

Be a Superhero to the Watershed

Did you know that there is a superhero who protects our watersheds? That’s right, it’s you! National Superhero Day is on April 28th, and it doesn’t take special superpowers for you to be a hero for our local watersheds, just a little effort. Making a few changes around your home can make a big impact for our watersheds, so suit up and get ready to save the day! Pick up after your sidekick: Make sure you clean up pet waste not…Read more →

Whimsical Wildflowers at Diamond Valley Lake

The wait is over, the Wildflower Trail at Diamond Valley Lake is finally open to the public once again! Located in the Santa Margarita Watershed, the land around the lake is home to acres of stunning seasonal wildflowers. Every spring a sea of colors bloom, including Native California poppies, baby blue eyes, canterbury bells, and owl’s clovers, just to name a few. This lake also connects to the Southwestern Riverside County Multi-Species Reserve, which is home to 31 endangered or…Read more →

The Dog Days of Summer are Back!

August 26th is National Dog Day! As the summer really starts to heat up, remember to keep spoiling your furry friends with these three watershed-friendly tips: Summer Groomin’: Ready to bust out the clippers from the back of the drawer? While grooming your fur-ball in your backyard might sound like a productive way to spend the afternoon under the sun, remember to sweep and dispose pet hair into the trash! Sweeping fur or letting the wind blow it into the…Read more →
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