Fall in Love with the San Jacinto Mountains

Who says Southern California doesn't have seasons? Grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte, pack a picnic and go visit the best autumn experience in Riverside County. The San Jacinto Mountains, from where much of the water flows in the Santa Ana River Watershed, are lush with opportunity for enjoying fall foliage in places like the Idyllwild Nature Center, Hurkey Creek Park, and Lake Hemet. These rustic locales are the perfect places to see leaves that change color, catch some seasonal sights,…Read more →

Watersheds and Human Choices

The way we treat our watersheds does not just affect us, but also all of the wildlife that we share the planet with. Earth Science Week 2017 (October 8-14, 2017) aims to spread awareness about “Earth and Human Activity,” and is a good reminder of the impact we have on our watersheds and why it matters. All kinds of species can become extinct or threatened if their environment is disrupted. Some examples from Riverside County include the Riverside Fairy Shrimp,…Read more →

Giddy Up This Summer

With more than 13,000 acres of open space and breathtaking views of surrounding vistas, Diamond Valley Lake has become a prime destination for horse trail enthusiasts. This historic part of the Santa Margarita River Watershed gives nature admirers and equestrians alike a chance to explore the ecologically diverse terrain. Surrounding Diamond Valley Lake, the 5.9 Mile North Hill trail connects two 5- acre trailheads at the north and northeast end of the lake. The western trailhead offers a picnic area,…Read more →

Small, Butt Mighty Bad

Cigarettes come with a Surgeon General warning, but human health isn’t the only thing affected by cigarettes. Discarded cigarette butts create a water quality hazard right in our neighborhood, ranking number one as the most harmful waste to hit waterways. Let’s face it. Many smokers casually drop their cigarette butts, thinking it won't matter if it's on the street or sidewalk. But cigarette butts aren’t actually biodegradable, myth busted. A cigarette butt can take as long as 10 years to…Read more →

For a REEL Good Time, Fish Lake Skinner!

For the outdoor enthusiast, Lake Skinner can be the gateway to adventure for an hour, a day or a week. Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Temecula Valley, man-made Lake Skinner provides opportunities for all ages to picnic, camp, boat, and fish or simply enjoy nature. Take advantage of the 1.5 mile groomed path for a leisurely walk and some bird watching.  You might spot heron, hawks, owls, or even the endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. For those who wish…Read more →

Why Rush to Flush?

  Have you ever opened the medicine cabinet and had a dozen little orange bottles look back at you?   Those bottles represent modern medicine, but they also represent a potential hazard. A pill to cure all ills is just a prescription away, but what happens when that particular pill is no longer a necessity in your everyday life?  Keeping expired or unused medication around the home can lead to accidental drug overdose by children, and even drug abuse. For some…Read more →

Off the Couch and on the Trail

Tell the kids to stop playing those electronic games, dust off their bikes and hit the Santa Ana River Bike Trail. With Summer upon us, what better way of getting the kids disconnected from their gaming system than a fun bike ride exploring the natural world right in town! And you should join them! Not only is a bike ride a great way of seeing nature, but pedaling a bicycle provides an aerobic workout that is easier on joints while…Read more →

The Dog-ma of Pet Waste

We love our pets, and it’s our responsibility to know how to take care of them. Eating top quality food is important for our furry friends to be healthy, and so is exercise. Taking your pet for a walk is good but usually leads to a potty break. When you walk your dog, are you prepared? You have your leash but do you have your pet waste pick up bag? Many pet owners neglect their pet’s “doo” because they assume the…Read more →

These 4 Life Hacks Can Make Your Home Watershed Friendly

Keep your car AND water clean. Driving a clean car is a real pleasure. But keeping the car clean can lead to polluting the waterways unless you think ahead. You can choose ways to clean your car AND keep our water supplies clean. Take your car to a professional car wash that reclaims the wash water. This prevents oil, grease and pollutants from washing into the storm drains. If you prefer a DIY approach, be sure to use an auto…Read more →

Calling DIY’ers – FREE Products

DROP off your hazardous waste and SHOP for free products! Stop by our Drop & Shop reuse stores to pick up FREE products for your next home or vehicle maintenance task. All products are inspected and made available to other customers for FREE. Most products are in good condition and sometimes even unopened! Availability of free products varies, but may include: paint, cleaners, pool, spa, lawn care and automotive products. Accepted household hazardous waste varies per location, see below for details.…Read more →
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