Hidden Valley Wildlife Area

Fall is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore areas along the Santa Ana River. One such spot is the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area in Riverside. As part of the Santa Ana River Watershed - which connects the mountains of San Bernardino to the Pacific Ocean - the sprawling park is brimming with wonderful things to see and do. This gem is set on 1,500 beautiful acres and has access to 25 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails.…Read more →

America Recycles Day

We all know the importance of recycling and how it makes a positive impact on our environment including our watersheds. November 15th has been deemed America Recycles Day which promotes the importance of recycling. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the recycling rate has increased from less than 7 percent in 1960 to the current rate of 32 percent. A study conducted by the EPA found that recycling and reuse activities in the United States accounted for 681,000 jobs and…Read more →

Go Green on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day we get together with our loved ones to give thanks for our blessings and maybe eat a little too much turkey. While most people probably don’t think about the environmental impacts of a Thanksgiving feast, we want to share a few helpful tips on going green this Thanksgiving. End wasteful practices – Use reusable dinnerware, glasses, and napkins.Purchase local and organic foods when possible – Buying organic and local items can be costly but purchasing one…Read more →

Have a Carbon-Free Monday

The United Nations designated the first Monday in October as the annual World Habitat Day. This year the days falls on Oct. 4. Since 1985, this important day shines a light on the importance that people across the world have the power and responsibility to shape the future of towns, cities and communities. This year’s theme is “Accelerating Urban Action for a Carbon-Free World.” The idea is to remind citizens of the world about the effects of urbanization and the…Read more →

Get out and Recreate at Lake Skinner!

Tucked into the picturesque and rolling hills of Winchester sits an expansive park that the entire family can enjoy. Lake Skinner is a reservoir which spreads across 1,400 surface acres and is operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Guests can enjoy boating or fishing for trout, bass or catfish while enjoying the beautiful views. There are also campgrounds, picnic tables and a splash pad for hot summer and fall days. With plenty of trails outdoorsy types can…Read more →

Halloween Can Be a Fright Fest for the Environment

While ghouls and goblins are hitting the sidewalks to partake in trick-or-treating and other spooky activities, there is another scary side to Halloween. Think about all the plastic that goes into manufacturing costumes, single use candy bags and discarded pumpkins that end up as litter throughout our towns and communities, which will undoubtedly find a way into our local watersheds. Here are some suggestions to enjoy a trash-free Halloween: Reuse a pillowcase instead of purchasing a plastic candy container or…Read more →

Time to Clean on National Clean Up Day

What better way to honor the planet and the environment than taking part in National Clean Up Day on Saturday, Sept. 18! Eliminating litter and trash not only protects our local watersheds and helps neighborhoods and public lands beautiful. Waste not properly disposed of not only creates an eyesore, but also can easily be washed into gutters or into water sources such as lakes, rivers and streams which is harmful to the environment and our watersheds. If you want to…Read more →

Why Our Watersheds are Worth Protecting

What is a watershed? A watershed is a land area that water can flow off of and collect in bodies of water such as a stream, pond, wetland, lake or ocean. These areas not only supply our drinking water and water for agriculture, but they also offer opportunities for activities like fishing, boating and swimming. Watersheds are a crucial habitat for various animals and plants life. In Riverside County there are three watersheds: Middle Santa Ana River Watershed, Santa Margarita River…Read more →

Get Out and Explore Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park

There are numerous places to enjoy fresh air, hike, bike or picnic in parks in and around Riverside County watersheds. One such spot that has an abundance of fun things to do is Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park located in Riverside. The trail system at the 1,500-acre sprawling park offers views of the city and opportunities to watch local wildlife such as coyotes, rabbits, and a variety of birds. Lucky folks may even catch a glimpse of a another notable creature…Read more →

Celebrate Clean Water!

August is National Water Quality Month. This month is a great reminder to think about the importance of water sources and how vital they are not only to us, but to other inhabitants that rely on these ecosystems. By recognizing how seemingly harmless actions you do on a routine basis can negatively affect our water supply and watersheds, you’ll hopefully make changes that will make a positive difference. There are thousands of factors that can have negative impacts on water…Read more →
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