At Home

Dog Owners

Picking up after your pooch is vital to keep our community and waterways clean. The microorganisms in pet waste can cause harm to people, animals and aquatic life.

Horse Owners

Be mindful of your horse’s impact on our local waters. Always dispose of their waste properly and limit your horse’s access to vulnerable habitats and aquatic areas.


Be a true “green” thumb. Grow an eco-friendly garden that benefits your plants and the planet.


From runoff to algal blooms, to stormwater pollution and clogging of catch basins, overwatering should be prevented to keep Riverside County healthy and clean.

Car Maintenance

Cars are known for polluting the air, but they also can pollute our local waterways if we aren’t careful.

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools and hot tubs must be maintained properly to keep chemicals from our waterways.

Household Hazardous Waste

Toxic materials like motor oils, paints, solvents, cleaners and batteries need to be recycled properly at one of our locations to keep them from leaching into our waterways.

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