Do your part. Keep our watersheds clean.

Rainwater and irrigation runoff travels over land and picks up what we’ve left behind: trash, pet waste, fertilizers and other pollutants. The tips below will help you stay in compliance.

Excessive Water Runoff

Don’t Drown Your Lawn

Your irrigation system might be drowning your lawn. Cycles that last more than 5 minutes can lead to over-watering and create runoff.

Water for 3-5 minute long spurts to allow your lawn to soak up the water.

Broken Sprinklers

If It’s Broken, Fix It

Regularly monitor your irrigation system to identify any leaks, broken sprinkler heads or misdirected sprinklers watering into the street or other hardscaped areas.

It’s All About Timing

It’s All About Timing

Adjust the timing of your sprinklers to water only once before sunrise or after sunset. Make sure to turn them off when it rains. 

Hosing Down Hardscape

Choose To Broom

Hosing your driveway creates runoff and sends pollutants into storm drains that lead directly to our rivers, lakes, streams and eventually out to our oceans. Just sweep to keep it clean.

Fertilizer/Pesticide Runoff

Use Non-toxic Alternatives

Grasscycling, or leaving grass clippings on your lawn could reduce the need for fertilizer for your lawn.

Before relying on a pesticide, try Integrated Pest Management for getting rid of pests that ensure the safety of you and your family.

Trash/Yard Waste

Reduce Your Waste

Creating a composting practice can reduce the amount of organic waste you produce while also giving back nutrients to the soil. 

Always sweep up organic yard waste into your lawn while picking up trash to prevent stormwater pollution.

Report Pollution Violations

You may be eligible for water conservation incentives and rebates. Each city has their own ordinances and exceptions. Contact your city or local water district for more information.

To report any concerns, damage or illegal dumping, please submit a pollution reporting form or call 951-955-1200 during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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Rancho California Water District

Are you a landscaper? Download our Water-Efficient Landscape Design handout for tips on providing smart design and installation landscape services.

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