Best Management Practices for Businesses

A few simple practices can prevent stormwater pollution and help your business succeed.

Know Your BMPs

Every industry has a set of best management practices (BMPs) that help prevent stormwater pollution in simple and cost-effective ways. Whether you work in food service, mobile cleaning or industrial and commercial operations, we have developed a BMP guide that is easy to follow and share with employees. Learn more and download the guides in our Materials Library.

Reduce Runoff

  • Take an inventory of your daily activities and look for specific ways you can reduce runoff into the storm drain system. Pay close attention to impervious outdoor surfaces like parking lots, loading docks and maintenance yards.
  • Locate the storm drains on or near your property. Make sure trash or liquids are not flowing into those drains.
  • Sweep trash enclosures and close all trash bin lids. Avoid power washing with water!
  • Make sure that cooling towers, boilers, compressors, water softeners and other equipment are connected to the sanitary sewer. Never discharge wastewater onto a parking lot.
  • Store chemicals, waste, raw materials and contaminated equipment indoors or in a covered, spill-contained area to prevent exposure to the stormwater system.

Recycle, Don’t Trash

Keep all hazardous waste out of the trash. Always contain, transport and dispose of your hazardous waste properly at a collection center designed to accept business waste. Learn more about proper handling and disposal.

Go Non-Toxic

There are many effective non-toxic alternatives to dangerous chemicals. From detergents to drain openers, many products now allow you to achieve results without having to use, manage or dispose of hazardous chemicals. Look for products labeled biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Spread the Word

  • Talk to your employees about the importance of stormwater pollution prevention.
  • Train them to wash vehicles and equipment indoors in a wash rack connected to the sanitary sewer or at a commercial wash facility.
  • Train janitorial staff to dispose of floor cleaning water down a drain connected to the sewer and not into the parking lot.
  • Learn more about BMPs in the California Stormwater Quality Association Best Management Practices Handbook.

Download outreach materials with the specific BMPs for your industry from our Materials Library.

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