Litter Prevention

Everyone can help prevent litter!

Get Involved

Taking part in a community clean up is the perfect way to get to know your own community, help protect it’s beauty and teach your children to become eco-warriors. Riverside County’s Department of Waste Resources organizes community clean up events and has helped cleanup watersheds, open space reserves, parks and canyons.

Dispose Properly

Illegal dumping threatens the visceral beauty of our watersheds and the ecosystem surrounding it. Dumping large items like couches and refrigerators along a river or roadside does not dispose of them and is incredibly damaging to the watershed.  Find out where to properly dispose of larger items on Riverside County’s Department of Waste Resources website.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Small actions like bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store or cups to the coffee shop can go a long way. The fewer single-use products you buy, the less trash you create! You can also encourage your local business to reduce, reuse and recycle their packaging.

Cover Up

Keep lids on garbage and recycling trash cans to prevent litter from being blown away or scattered by animals. Likewise, if you have a truck, cover any items that could blow onto the road.

Put Your Cigarettes in the Trash

Cigarette butts are another major source of litter. Unlike the recyclable plastics, cigarette butts cannot be recycled, but they can be thrown away in bags you bring to stash your trash.

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