Sprinkler Spruce Up

Stay on top of sprinkler maintenance and help prevent overwatering.

Riverside County Watershed Protection Program is thrilled to share our sprinkler spruce up program with you. Your yard is a living green space with different watering needs throughout the year. By understanding your yard’s specific needs, you can keep your water where you need it and protect our local waterways.

How to do a Sprinkler Spruce Up

To keep your lawn healthy all year and protect our waterways, it’s critical to do a sprinkler spruce up at least every three months. Here’s how:

Things you need:


Pen and Paper

Irrigation Controller

Let’s get started by testing your Irrigation System:

  1. Run your sprinkler system one zone at a time. Pick a day where some time has passed since your lawn’s last watering.
  2. At the start of each zone, start a timer and observe. If you notice any water runoff, note the time.
  3. Adjust the watering schedule for any zones that had runoff.

What’s Next?

Shorten or Split Your Watering Cycle

Shorten your water cycle to the time you saw runoff begin. If needed, schedule the remainder of the watering time an hour later. Water in shorter intervals to allow your lawn to soak up the water.

Space Out Watering Days

Too many consecutive watering days decrease the amount of water your yard can absorb, leading to overwatering. Stagger your watering schedule to help your green space thrive and reduce water waste. Excess water does not benefit your yard and can harm local waterways.

Fix Broken or Misaligned Sprinklers

If during your spruce up you found broken or misdirected sprinklers, place a reminder flag at the sprinkler head and fix the issue as soon as possible.

More Watering Tips

  • Visit bewaterwise.com to find available irrigation and water-saving rebates
  • Water before sunrise or after sunset.
  • Use a moisture meter (place 6-8 inches into the soil) to see if your yard is receiving too much water.
  • Need a Contractor? visit the California Landscape Contractors Association to find an licensed expert.

The Riverside County Watershed Protection Partnership appreciates your commitment to prevent runoff water pollution.

Together We Are Protecting Local Waterways

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