Yard Summer Spruce Up

Stay on top of yard maintenance and help prevent overwatering.

Overwatering can carry litter, oil, dog poop and lawn fertilizers into local waterways, streams and lakes. Getting your outdoor irrigation under control makes a big difference in not only protecting our community, but also saves you time, money, and keeps your lawn looking beautiful!

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Signs of an Overwatered Lawn

  • Soggy/Muddy yard
  • Water pooling in your yard
  • Brown spots in grass
  • Overgrowth of weeds
  • Unwanted bugs and pests

Effects of Overwatering on Yards

  • Plants and grass are more susceptible to disease and insect damage
  • Added maintenance time and money for weeding and re-seeding/re-planting
  • Weakens grass and plant root systems
  • Weeds thrive and take over yard
  • Lawn treatments like fertilizer get washed away

Yard Summer Spruce Up Checklist

Prevent and eliminate sources of overwatering to save time, money, and your beautiful lawn! If you see signs of overwatering in your lawn, go through the Yard Summer Spruce Up checklist:

  • Use a moisture meter 6-8 inches into the soil to see if your yard if receiving too much water
  • Water before sunrise or after sunset for better absorption
  • Reschedule or stop sprinklers if a rain event occurs
  • Shorten your watering cycle
    Water in shorter intervals to allow your lawn to soak up the water
  • Space out watering days
    Too many consecutive watering days decrease the amount of water your yard can absorb. Stagger your watering schedule to help your green space thrive and reduce water waste.
  • Check your sprinkler heads for broken or leaky irrigation. For more information, visit Sprinkler Spruce-Up
    For help finding a licensed landscaper, visit the California Landscape Contractor Association website
  • Inspect your irrigation system or call a sprinkler repair person
  • Contact your local plumber or water district for leak detection

For more information, visit the Sprinkler Spruce-Up website

More Watering Tips

Learn about water-saving rebates at Be Water Wise and SoCal Water$mart  (including rebates for grass replacement, rain barrels, smart controllers and more)

Review gardening and rainwater harvesting resources here

Learn about water efficient landscape design

Check In and WIN!

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Love Your Neighborhood
Love Your Neighborhood is an action-ready stormwater pollution prevention initiative that aims to empower cities, community groups and residents to increase pollution awareness and its impact on the environment through local cleanup efforts. Organize or sign up for a cleanup today to get involved!

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